June 09, 2009

Struts conceptual questions.....

Some more questions from conceptual part of struts ....
And above all always go through a good tutorial before starting with these things as there is no intelligence to findout and rember the answers without understanding the logic behind that.....

1. How many minimum number of JAR file specific to Struts I need to start with a struts application ?

2. Which class basically populates the values coming from JSP pages to actionform ?

3. "Ideal struts architecture says we should not keep our business logic related thing inside a action form class "...(although it is absolutely possible) ....why?

4.Where or in which scope actually struts keeps instancees of it's action form ---a)request b)session ,c)application

5. What is the significance of load-on-startup with a positive , negative or zero? Now if the value is 10 in that case when the instance of that action class will be created ?
6. What are the parameter of a action forward class accepts ?

7. What is the name of controller in struts framework ?

8. How to setup a validator framework in struts ?

9. What are the different kind of actionform classes ?

10. Which class creates the instance of action class and what is the difference between a execute and perform ?

11. Discuss among various action classes and which one is most efficient in which business situation ?

12. What is the difference between struts 1.1 and struts 1.2 ?

13. How I can create a dropdown using struts tags and which will read value from session ?

14. How could I enable client side validation ?



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