June 07, 2009

J2EE Interview Questions :

These are same critical questioned related to strust framework as well as JAVA :

1. What is green thread in Java ?
2. How final keyword differ from abstract ?
3. What is the order to write child and parent exception for same try block ?
4. How Java is open source ?
5. What are the property makes java a platform indepedent ?
6. Whether static class is possible ?
7. When a thread will come under deadlock condition ?
9. What is significance of public static void for the main() method in java ?
10. How Struts framework is better compared to spring ?
11. What is the difference between ArrayList and LinkList ?
12. What is the default size for a hashmap ?
13. What are the difference between a comparator and comparable interface ?
14. why global variable concept is not there in java ?

Here are some more on webtechnology ......

1. When cookies are harmfull...?
2. When a jsp file translated to a java file where actually it gets stored for tomcat , resin , JBoss servers ?
4. What is the maximum information a GET can carry ?
5. How struts handle client side validation ...?
6. Can we use thoes struts validator javascript methods in our own need in the same application ?
7. How client side validation can be enabled in struts ?
8. Where struts actually keeps the validator javascript methods and when these methods are generated ?
10. After request submission from a JSP page which method in struts framework basically decides the destinanation of the request ?
11. Which is better way to handle exception---within action class or in side the busines layer ?
12. How we can configure struts with spring ?
13. Point out one feature of struts which Spring framework doesnot has ?


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